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1. On Oct. 2005, Company goes to Guangzhou for CARTON FAIR, visit and study.


2. On Feb. 2006, New mini desktop laser engraver is coming, includes 40, 3040, 3060.


3. On Mar. 2006, Company engineer go to Jakarta, Indonesia for training the dealers.


4. On Mar. 2007, New cabinet laser engraver is coming, includes 4060, 6090, 1290.



5. On Oct. 2007, We go to Hanoi, Vietnam for exhibition.


6. On Nov. 2007, Our laser machine get the EU CE safety certificate.



7. On Dec. 2007, Our cutting plotter get the EU CE safety certificate.



8. On Jan. 2008, New flatbed laser cutting machine is coming, includes 2412, 2414, 2512, 3200.


9. On Mar. 2008, Our laser machine get the U.S. FDA safety certificate.


10. On May 2008, company contributes money to Wenchuan earthquake disaster areas.


Earthquake no mercy while people have, when difficulties arise in a place, aid comes from everywhere. After the 5·12 Wenchuan earthquake, company actively contributes money to disaster areas people through the National Red Cross.


11. On Jul. 2008, R & D staff goes to Shanghai SIGN CHINA EXPO, learn and communicate the latest technology and grasp the industry trends.


12. On Mar. 2009, New H series laser engraver is coming, includes 5030H, 6146H, 6540H.



13. On May 2009, partial staff goes to the Gold Xiangshan amusement park for travel.


14. On Jul. 2009, we are in Shanghai SIGN CHINA EXPO.



15. On Nov. 2009, company Chinese-English registered trademark get the registration certificate through the National Trademark Bureau.


16. On Dec. 2009, New domestic RF tube and servo motor laser machine is coming, includes 6540HRS.


17. On Mar. 2010, New dual laser heads laser engraving cutting machine is coming, includes 1395N, 1690N.



18. On Jun. 2010, in the development needs of modern business, company sales department moves to a bright and spacious Exposition International City Business Offices.


19. On Jul. 2010, New closed flatbed laser cutting machine is coming, includes 2513F, 2514F.


20. On Jun. 2010, partial staff goes to coastal Rizhao city for travel.


21. On Aug. 2010, company leader is invited to participate to LEETRO national cooperation forum user conference.

As one of the five major laser machine manufacturers in Shandong engraver industry and is invited by LEETRO AUTOMATION CO. LTD, company leader go to Chengdu for LEETRO national cooperation forum user conference, visit, learn and communicate. LEETRO is the main supplier of motion control system in national laser machine industry.



22. On Sep. 2010, New CCD camera laser cutting machine is coming, includes 1290 CCD.


23. On Dec. 2010, New U.S. UNIVERSAL RF tube laser machine is coming, includes 6540H.



24. On Jan. 2011, New P series cnc router is coming, includes 3020P, 3040P, 4060P.



25. On Jul. 2011, R & D staff go to the 2011 Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo, learn and communicate the latest technology and grasp the industry trends.


26. All of us go to the Penglai, Long Island from JUL.29 to JUL.31, along with happy. Now, let us take a look.

Arrived at Penglai                                    To Long Island by Ship


Watch the Sunrise                                                                                                       Zoo


On the Bus                                               Crescent Bay Park       Wang Fu Reef


Seaside                                                                                                                         Back 



27. We happily move to the new factory on December, 2011 and widely carry out the activity of 'welcome to the new factory---brainstorm', all of us participate in and put forward of many valuable suggestions, showing the new atmosphere and face of 2012 company development.

Old factory


New factory



28. On Dec. 2011, New K series mini desktop laser machine is coming, includes 3020K, 4030K, 5030K, 6030K.



29.On Jan. 2012, New U and F series cnc router is coming, includes 3020U, 3040U, 4060U and 3020F, 3040F, 4060F.



30. On Jan. 2012, New X series desktop laser machine is coming, includes 4030X, 5030X, 6030X.


31. On Feb. 2012, Company leaders communicate with optical Dr. Ye from Jiangsu University about laser machine industry technology development direction.


32. We are in 2012 Guangzhou SIGN CHINA EXPO from Feb.20 to Feb.23.


Outside the expo                                                                                                         Booth





33. R & D staff go to the 2012 D·PES DIGITAL PRINTERS & ENGRAVERS EXPO from Feb.18 to Feb.21, learn and communicate the latest technology and grasp the industry trends.


34. On Feb. 2012, New bending machine is coming.


35. On Mar. 2012, New plasma metal cutting machine is coming.


36. R & D staff go to the  2012 LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA from Mar.20 to Mar.22, learn and communicate the latest technology and grasp the industry trends.


2012 LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA is hold at Shanghai New International Expo Center, focus on displaying laser production engineering, lasers and optronics original, optics and optical production technology, optical information and communication technology, machine vision, laser, optical field of advanced products and technologies.


37. On Mar. 2012, Our new Chinese-English website is on-line.


Chinese website: or

English website: or  


38. Our company apply for a practical appearance patent on Apr.2, 2012.


39. On Apr. 2012, Our company get the Environmental Assessment from Jinan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, promote green production and reflect the corporate social responsibility.


40. On Apr. 2012, We act as Alibaba Gold Supplier for more than 6 years, pass company qualification depth certification report by third party internationally renowned certification company and reflect the sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.


41. On Apr.2012, R & D staff go to the 2012 Beijing SIGN CHINA EXPO, learn and communicate the latest technology and grasp the industry trends.


42. On May. 2012, New U series large desktop cnc router is coming.


43.On Jun.2012,Artsign general manager awarded the honor of“The fiirst batch of thousand -level entrepreneurial talent”.


44.On Jun.2012, New product-semiconductor laser marking machine launched.


45. On Jul. 2012, We will go to 2012 North of China Technology Exhibition.


46.On Jul.2012, New model WZ-02 automatic bending machine is coming .

47. We are in North of China Technology Exhibition from Jul.4th to Jul. 6th.



                                           our  team                                                                                     


accept interview from TV station      manager comunicate with Jinan Science  &Technoloy  Bureau leader













48. New product-metal CNC Router is launched.


49.On November 6, 2012, Jinan Artsign Science and Technology Ltd. as the city selected four representative of Medium and small-sized enterprises. Ji'nan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director, municipal standing committee, vice mayor came  to our comapny to  inspect and guide. Give a high evaluation and encouragement to current science & technology prodction situation and future development of our company.

Ji'nan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Xu Changyu encouraged us: small enterprise must be fast, to accelerate the development .Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Su Shuwei said: such a good company, do not let them leave high-tech zone.Medium and small-sized enterprise director of general office Li Ronggui encouraged us: must be attach importance to management, from an early age to catch




50.We are in 2013 Sign China Expo of Guangzhou: 




















51.    Our company is selected one of three whole city representative enterprises to attend HongKong Shandong Week in May 2013  .

Our company is behalf of Jinan  enterprises together with other  city goverment leaders and other enterprises in Shandong province to represent Shandong enterprise to Hongkong to attend , Jinan civic leaders  lead us. 


52.   Apr.26 ,2013 leaders of Ji'nan City SME Bureau and leadship of  High-tech Development Zone visit our company,giving full affirmation and encouragement   to our technological innovation,




55.Our leaders in "Hongkong Shandong Week"


56.Laser marking machine online fly is launched! 


57.On 15th AUG ,2013, The China's National Development and Reform Commission coming to visit our factory.Company is one of the four medium-sized and small enterprises which elected by provincial development and reform commission in Jinan City, as representative of the Hig-tech and export-oriented enterprises,  reporting work to National Development and Reform Commission.


58.On 15th AUG, 2013, Zou Shiping-Deputy Director of Municipal People's Congress, chaired a forum to listen to the EastDawn, Goldbell scale, Spark Science and Technology, Dalu mechanism, Jinyu Yuan photoelectron, Kang Hong Electronics and other enterprises since the “12th Five-Year” programme implementation , optimize the development environment, promote the real economy development, and put forward the policy environment, service environment and market environment and other aspects opinions and suggestions .


59.All of us go to the Yuntai Mountain and Qingtian River from Aug.23to Aug.25, along with happy. Now, let us take a look.



60. The split version for the side pump diode laser marking machine comes to market!


61.LMC1290 Metal Laser Cutting Machine (ECONOMY TYPE)Come to  Market!


62.On OCT. 2013, all the models for Artsign laser machine passed the U.S. FDA certification again.



63.NOV.6, 2013, the leadship of Jinan City SME Bureau , come to our factory inspect the technology development of new products.


64.College of Optical Engineering Jiangsu University with our company signed the agreement for  postgraduate practice base, According to our company production and  scientific  research needs, Every year, select a certain number of full-time graduate enter into our company practice bases Conduct combined training, Cooperative Education of doctoral student、full-time academic and professional postgraduate student, etc. Pratice base as platform. The relevant teachers to participate with company’s related related research projects. Cooperation and undertaken of all kinds of scientific research projects, etc.


65.Company all staff  conducted the Chinese medicine physical examination on November 25, 2013 to 29.


66.The JSM1290P non-metal laser cutting machine X Y axis with ball joints, for cutting acrylic and MDF, completed on 18th, DEC. 2013.


67.On DEC 25,2013, my company is on the fourth technology innovation item schedule of Shandong province.


68.On DEC 27,2013,my company donated a batch of office stationery and winter supplies to the pupils in the primary school of Gaoer Town, Licheng District, Jinan City.

69.JSM1290KE-II similar servo flatbed model, marketed on 11th, JAN, 2014. 



70.Imported IPG RF tube fiber laser marking machine GX110 IPG20W comes to market on 23th, JAN. 2014.


71.On Jan. 24, 2014, the company held annual lunar New Year, acted more than 10 performances, such as crosstalk, 

singing and dancing, etc. And commend the annual advanced workers of the company.


72.The Full Closed fiber laser marking machine GX110 20W, comes to market on 19th, FEB. 2014.


73.On 22th FEB, the general manager and engineer of company visited 2014 Guangzhou international sign fair, 

and deeply studied the development of the new products and technology in the field of sign.


74.The integrated type CO2 laser marking machine GL200 60W comes to market on 28th,FEB. 2014.


75.The practice base agreement between the Optical engineering college of Jiangsu University and  our company was approved by the graduate school on March 1, 2014.

The general manager of our company Wang Yong was hired as the full-time graduate students off-campus practice guidance teachers, the period is three years.


76.Domestic RF tube flying laser marking machine DB110 RF25W comes to market on 4th, MAR. 2014!



77.CPC1325 plasma cutting machine with 63A domestic plasma power comes to market on 12th, MAR. 2014.


78.CPC1325 plasma cutting machine with 85A imported Hypertherm plasma power comes to market on 30th, MAR. 2014.


79.New product WZ03 Auto bending machine comes to market on 15th, Mar. 2014.

80.On 3.APR,2014, Shandong provincial party committee organization department come to our factory for inspection.


81.On 10.APR.2014, LMC1313 metal laser cutting machine comes to market!


82.On 25.APR,2014, JSM1425F laser cutting mahine comes to market with full cover!


83.On 20.MAY,2014,  The new adjustable chuck rorary with hingles comes to market!


84.On 20.CO2 marking machine GL200 RECI80W comes to market!


85.Marble laser engraving machine 1390M comes to market, work table loading 500KGS, lifting 780mm, can carved marble, Granite etc. 

  used for high speed laser engraving of tombstone photo and the text.



86.New laser engraving machine 5030H RF25W comes to the market. New design, transparent red acrylic cover with arc bending, domestic RF TUBE, SSM servo, high speed engraving 2000-3000mm/s,fine carving effect, no shaking at a high speed.


 87. Heavy stone graven images laser engraver 1325M comes to the market!


Using hydraulic pump lift platform, can bearing 4-10 tons of stone.

The Platform can adjust the height of the four directions respectively to ensure the sculpure surface level.

Can cooperate with the position of the stone and adjust the direction of the fuselage,implements the infinite long materials.

 88. On 31.July,2014, the manager Mr.Wang and some middle managers of our company went to Bejing Influence Enterprise Management Co.LTD to learn how to do a good job on middle management. 

 89. On 25.Aug to 27.Aug, our company had a tralve to Wehai Rushan mountain Resorts, we all enjojoy it.

90.Our company as the off-campus practice base for Jiangsu institute of mechanical engineering full-time post-graduate,the department of optical information laser specialized graduate student registration participates in the practice,  our company's manager Wangyong as the guide teacher who engaged in the laser processing technology and the related research of leader device.

91.The application of certificate for utility model is pass through on 30th.July.

The patent no is  ZL 201320733397.6, AL201320732592.7.


92.The application of certificate for utility model is pass through on 13th.Aug.

The patent no is  ZL 201320431876.2.



93.LME9060 large metal engraving machine comes to market on 26th.Sep.

94.On 30th.Sep,2014,GL300F 80W fully enclosed CO2 marking machine comes to market!

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