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Starter Edition Laser Machine
300x200mm, 310x560mm, 315x220mm, 320x440mm, 350x225mm, 400x300mm, 500x300mm, 600x300mm
Upgrade Edition Laser Machine
400x300mm, 500x300mm, 600x300mm
Elite Edition Laser Machine
400x300mm, 500x300mm, 610x460mm, 650x400mm, 800x500mm, 900x600mm
Professional Edition Laser Machine
600x400mm, 900x600mm, 1200x900mm, 1300x950mm, 1400x900mm, 1600x900mm, 1600x1000mm
Industrial Edition Laser Machine
2050x1250mm, 2400x1200mm, 2400x1400mm, 2500x1200mm, 2500x1300mm, 2500x1400mm, 3000x2000mm
Stand and Cabinet, Water chiller, Rotary clamp, Auto focus, Honey comb board and Double sided board, Japan servo system, CCD camera, Laser tube, Lens and mirror
Jinan Artsign Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
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