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CNC plasma cutting machine is an efficient, high-precision, highly reliable cutting equipment that combines the computer-controlled together with the precision mechanical transmission. Good user interface makes the operation more convenient and simple, fast and accurately cutting a variety of complex shape plate, particularly suitable for automatic cutting the medium/thin non-ferrous metal plate, stainless steel and carbon steel plate.


  • The lathe is founded by advanced integrated structural design, compact structure, good rigidity and stable performance.
  • It applies the longitudinal bilateral synchronous drive system. The drive rack and gear are customized by the professional manufacturers, the surface carburized quenching processing with the high precision.
  • Vertical and horizontal rails use the domestic or imported linear guides, high precision and good guiding.
  • Plasma power: imported america-Haibao, size can choose, 380 V input..
  • Using UCANNEST Software,Support for AI, DXF,EPS, PLT, and other graphic data format,TXT file:ASCⅡtext format ,accept MasterCam, Type3, wen tai software such as the generation of international standard G code,NC format,txt file.
  • The numerical control system used at present advanced integrated module control method, ensure the equipment in high precision, high stability under the condition of reliable operation.
  • Automatic calculation of cutting cut on compensation, reducing the processing data production time, ensure machining graphics precise size.
  • Unique breakpoints, power off handling, processing process can track along the forward, back, flexible processing process of broken meet arc, power.
  • A graphic image data system, for publishing editor (such as scaling, rotating, alignment, copying, combination, split, smooth operation, merge and soon.
  • An increase of both the front and back output and programming and processing function of pre-cut border area.
  • Auto ignition, auto- adjusting system (arc voltage), cutting steel withrugged features automatically increased to ensure that the cutting torch andthe same distance from the plate, thus ensuring the quality of the cut.
  • Off-line anti-jamming ability.
  • Its environmental sink dust handling system


Widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing and other scopes, due to its advantages in cost-effective ratio, it can be replace the complicated and backward hand and mechanical operation, and thus greatly improve production efficiency. Particularly suitable for automatic cutting the medium/thin non-ferrous metal plate, stainless steel and carbon steel plate.

Optional Parts:

  • Dust eliminating work bench or dust handling equipment, creates a good working environment.
  • Make a choice at a variety of plasma power, to meet the different metal cutting demand.

Technical Parameters




Work area


Cutting thickness

1-14mm (Plasma power 85A included)

Optional plasma power

45A1-6mm, 85A 1-16mm, 100A 1-19mm

Plasma power source

American Hypertherm


3-phase 380V



Power frequency


Drive type

Step drive

Files transfer

USB Interface

Transmission method

Square rail/rack gear

Picture format supported

AI/DXF/EPS/PLT, AutoCAD, UCANCAMV9 International standard code

Work mode

Untouched arc striking

Adjustable high mode

Automatic arc voltage rise/machinery rise

Control mode


Cutting air source

Compressed air

Cooling method

Air cooled

Smoke exhaust system

Rear exhausting smoke

Processing materials

Cold rolled plate, stainless steel , galvanized version , copper , aluminum and other metal sheet


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